Temptation wins, just like short term happyness.

If you watch commercials, you will notice the strange settings sometimes. It might be there just to annoy you to better remember a product.

Pretend you get introduced to a new shoe brand on Monday, named Jushe. With no further review, time ticks by and the next appearance is when you walk into a store (Wednesday), there they are “Jushe – The new shoe.”
Your brain collects it like a normal object because you’ve seen it before, not sort of Usj-what-is-that, more like Yes-there’s-the-shoe.
The next day (Thursday) you’ll see the add on your favorite tv chanal – Running fast, Walking smooth, Collecting friends, Stored as a fragile puppy at its own spot in the entrance room.
And when you feel fresh on a Friday afternoon, you want to blame your old shoes for not bringing you any closer to happiness, then you decide to try this new and better “lucky life.”
Give it a try you’ll think, because, in the end, the things to blame are limitless. In need of new shoes, The old one was weakened, Time to freshen up, Happiness is a temptation that I just can’t let go.

Anyway, that was not my intention.
I want you to be more aware of your next trip to the store. Buy less, save the environment. Buy less, save some money.

One less pair of shoes each 10th year will save the day for about 2 kg of trash.
If 1000 people follow this tip, we save the world for 2 tons of rubbish. Thats something