Oh no! I bought a domain.

For the benefit of my request, it was no doubt that a domain had to be bought.
I did it the safe way, trough Domeneshop (Not advertising)
Along with my purchases, I added a web hotel medium (mini won’t include MySQL), which gives the possibility of installing WordPress on their online server.
It’s quite an easy operation actually, and the service-people are not only smart, they are polite as well.

I can log in to the editor-page (also known as backend), from wherever I want. As long as I get a signal for the internet connection, editing and adding posts are doable through my smartphone as well as from the computer.

Anything could be built.
If not, anything you build can become everything.
That’s certainly more than nothing at all.

I know from experience, perfection is unreachable. So I hope this will satisfy my needs.
Worst case scenario, something else has to be done.