Every now and then.

If I deside to write a blog, how should I begin?
I could start of with telling a little about my self, and what I would like to accomplish.
And little by little, every now and then… I`ll slowly develope the beginning of the end.

My name is Tom. Hi!
I am an 31 year old male from Norway. Or – I am an happy grown up, whith a slightly different mindset.
Anyway here I am, the one which got hes diagnose as an adult.

I like things to be funny, even though I dont always get it.
I love sunny days, hiking and relaxing.

My goal was to become the normal person with an average wage and a dog. Thats impossible!
Because just right before that happened, I realized I was special.
Now my plans are undergoing changes, I have to take one step at a time.

If you think my English pronunciation is way too bad, Im sorry – I cant help you.